Youth self expression to Marymound mentor

Snowflakes falling

Slowly you see that each one is truly unique. No two snowflakes are the same. They all stand out. I’m scared to stand out. Scared to be called different. Scared to go my own way. I look outside and they drift and flutter to the ground.

I hold my hand out, wanting to see the snowflakes beautiful pattern.

It melts.

It fades away.

I feel like a snowflake. Sometimes.

I melt when people try and see my true self. I dissolve and fade. One single snowflake can never make it on its own. It never survives. I understand why.

You need people to be there for you.

You need support.

You need family.

You need love. Maybe a warm shelter. Or a grand hug.

I never thought that I would make it.

I didn’t have family. I needed support. I craved love and passion. I needed a friend. I looked in all the wrong places. But my support was there. All along that support was there when I needed to talk. Snow only sticks to the ground cause it has millions of other snowflakes that hold up each other. Many snowflakes sacrifice themselves, they fall first so that when you finally land you don’t feel pain. They sacrifice cause they care about you. You may not see it but you sacrificed yourself for me in many ways.

All the laughs and giggles we had. The long talks really helped. Thank you. You might just be a “cultural mentor” to people out there but you are a true friend to me. I’m going to leave soon. I never loved snow.

We all hate it.

But it represents us.

When the snowfall hits I will always be grateful.