Marymound’s spiritual and comprehensive cultural services are part of what makes its services unique. Students and residents are encouraged to explore spirituality in a way that is comfortable for them. This ecumenical approach works closely with Marymound’s Indigenous Cultural Program that provides a well-rounded and accessible introduction to spirituality for all young people at Marymound.

A majority of youth receiving services at Marymound are of First Nations or Métis descent. Many have experienced discrimination, racism and may have a limited knowledge of their heritage and culture. Marymound believes that cultural awareness and pride are key components to healing.

Indigenous Cultural Services

Marymound strives to encourage the healing journey of many of our young people through its cultural services program. It is often at Marymound where young people recognize the depth and strength of their own heritage.  Elders provide traditional Indigenous cultural and spiritual teachings to the young people and families receiving services from Marymound.

Special Chapel Services

Marymound is fortunate to have a beautiful and spacious chapel in which to hold services and celebrations. The following services/celebrations are recognized annually:

  • Thanksgiving service and feast
  • Christmas service and feast
  • Easter service and feast