Live-in Services

Managed Care

The best environment for a young person to experience healthy growth and development is within a family. This is not always possible.

When all attempts at family preservation have failed, children of families under stress come into the care of a child and family services agency and become wards of the province. While this is considered a last resort, it protects the well being of the child.

Many of these children can eventually return home to their families once family problems have been resolved while living apart. Unfortunately, some young people are never able to return home.

Marymound’s Managed Care program aims to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of the young person. A number of living arrangements fall within Marymound’s continuum of care – group homes, secure units, foster care and independent living. Marymound’s Managed Care Program provides 24-hour care to approximately 300 young people at risk in the community each year.

Access to Marymound Managed Care Programs is by referral only. Contact us at 204-338-7971 for further information.