Youth Education Services

Aggressive behaviour in the classroom or on school grounds.
Poor attendance at school.
Learning difficulties or disabilities.

Sometimes school is not a positive experience. For some young people their educational future can be in severe jeopardy. These and other behaviours related to school can be symptoms of emotional, social or family crisis.

We can help
Working in partnership with families and community schools; the Marymound Youth Education Service (YES) Program provides immediate, short-term help to students and families. The YES Program is part of the Youth Crisis Stabilization System and can be accessed by calling 204-949-4777.

Our Education Advisors have the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist in supporting or finding the right program, (vocational or educational) based on individual needs and abilities, for a student in crisis.

The advisor may provide one-on-one tutoring, help the student’s family and school work together to improve the school experience and make it more successful, or develop a plan to help a student ease back into a school setting.

Quick Action is Important
We recognize that quick action is of great importance. That’s why we act swiftly, making contact with the student and/or family within 24 hours of receiving a referral.

We work quickly to resolve the crisis, usually within a period of two to three weeks.

We know that your schedule is busy, so we work flexible hours. You don’t have to come to our office – we come to you – in your home, school or somewhere in your neighbourhood.

How to Access Youth Education Services
Contact us anytime at 204-949-4777.
For more information about YES, email us at

It’s too easy for a student to fall through the cracks. Our goal is not to let that happen.

A good education is an important key to future success. Every young person should be given the chance to succeed.