Marymound has created a specialized learning centre called Pathways on Henderson Highway in Winnipeg that provides support for Marymound School students to make easier transitions in a setting that encourages goal-focused learning and planning.

The Pathways learning centre addresses their unique needs through an enrollment with a 1:4 teacher/student ratio while being very aware of a student’s mental health history, home life and behavioural struggles – much of what brought them to Marymound School in the first place. Enrollment for up to 12 students is open for students in care at Marymound, along with students from other school divisions who struggle with traditional learning methods and mainstream school settings. Pathways guides students from grade nine all the way up to 19 years of age with different individualized needs. Some study strictly academics, others are choosing volunteering/work experience, while some are opting for work experience with academics.

Pathways has a full-time work experience advisor who works with students to connect them with local businesses, agencies and community organizations.   Some students may graduate high school from Pathways, while others may go to an adult learning centre and stay until age 21 to get a mature diploma. Students are engaged with a goal and that’s the reason for the name Pathways, as there are many paths a student can pursue to achieve their diploma or other goals.

For more information please contact:  Alex Jackson, Teacher/ Program Coordinator