Marymound School

Marymound schoolStudent numbers at Marymound School are purposely kept low, so that students benefit from more individual attention.

Children with very high needs can achieve success in school with additional supports. This is where Marymound School excels.

Using a creative, dynamic approach, Marymound School delivers the provincial education curriculum from elementary grades to grade 11. Students often transition back into community school after a few years at Marymound School.

Who attends Marymound School?
Marymound School serves two populations of students. Some are young people who live in Marymound group homes or living units, while others, our Day Treatment students, come to us from all over Winnipeg, and live at home with their parents, foster parents or other group homes.

How does a student get into Marymound School?
Young people not receiving services from Marymound (living in a group home or living unit), must be referred to Marymound School by their school division. Contact the school in your area first and they will guide you through the process.

Marymound School Staff
The school has a full complement of specially trained staff members who are experienced at working with young people facing multiple challenges that may compete or interfere with their schooling.

Special education teachers and assistants, counselors, social workers, psychologists and a psychiatrist are all available to provide school curriculum, assistance, coaching and counselling.