Sexually Exploited Youth

The streets are no place for young people. Among the many dangers they may encounter is sexual exploitation. Youth can be especially vulnerable if sexual abuse has been part of their past. While they may have run away from a crisis situation or some kind of turmoil at home, life on the street is not the answer and can lead to great risk of sexual exploitation.

Comprehensive Program
Marymound’s Sexually Exploited Youth Program (SEY) works with young people who are at high risk, no matter how difficult a time they are going through. We don’t give up on them.

Through a comprehensive, culturally sensitive program that includes assessment of risk factors and safety issues related to sexual exploitation, we work with young people and their families (when appropriate) to provide therapy, life-skills coaching and access to community resources that will help them through this difficult time. The program also provides therapeutic clinical services and counselling to resolve past sexual trauma.

SEY is part of the network of services affiliated with the Manitoba Strategy Responding to High-Risk/Vulnerable Children and Youth (Stop Sex with Kids). Marymound participates in the Provincial SEY Initiative in Winnipeg and Thompson.

Our Staff
Marymound staff has specialized training in the area of sexual exploitation. Child care and youth care program certified workers are also trained in non-violent crisis intervention techniques and CPR/First Aid. Some staff members have had first-hand exposure to sexual exploitation and can relate to the trauma that the young people are experiencing. These workers are invaluable resources for the youth at Marymound.

Who we Help
Marymound’s Sexually Exploited Youth Program works mainly with girls aged 13 – 17 who have experienced or who are at risk of sexual exploitation due to factors such as previous sexual abuse or long absences from home living on the street.

Home-like Environment
The SEY program operates two group homes situated in quiet, attractive neighbourhoods with availability for four boys in one, six girls in the other.

For information about this program, contact us at 204-338-7971 or email

Sexual exploitation of a child is sexual abuse.