One of Marymound’s services that works behind the scenes is its Outreach Program. As a member of Street Reach, Marymound is one of  many teams providing services to High Risk Victims (HRV).

High Risk Victims are young people assessed at high risk of being violently victimized through the sex trade and in need of immediate and intensive intervention. Other at-risk behaviours include chronic running away from home or other residences, previous incidents of being victimized, harmful alcohol and/or drug abuse and mental health issues.

At Marymound, many of our young people in care struggle to leave negative and sometimes destructive lifestyles behind causing them to sometimes run away from their foster families, group homes or clinical care units. The Marymound  Outreach Worker fulfills a key role by ensuring that care does not end at the doorway by working with Marymound program staff and getting to know the young people in care and the places they are likely to frequent.

By collaborating with other professionals from health, social service, and justice systems, the Outreach Worker increases the chances of locating the child and successfully returning him or her to Marymound or a place of safety as quickly as possible.