Crisis Stabilization Unit

Sometimes things get a little too hot to handle. A young person may be in extreme distress over a situation at school or at home. Conflict in the home has increased to a new level and family members can’t talk to one another. Maybe the youth keeps running away or is at risk of harming themselves.

Marymound’s Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU) provides a short term service designed to assist youth and their families during times of acute psychosocial crisis. The goal of this program, part of the Youth Crisis Stabilization Service, is to stabilize the crisis situation and prevent young people from going into care, or, if they are already in care, to keep their placement from breaking down.

The CSU offers a safe space for youth who feel overwhelmed, stressed or unable to cope. A stay in the unit is usually no longer than a few days-only long enough to stabilize the youth

Young people and their families can access this program through the Youth Crisis Stabilization System Intake Service at 204-949-4777 in Winnipeg or toll-free at 1-888-383-2776.

Gender-neutral units at two location
There will be six semi-secure gender-neutral beds at Scotia Street CSU and three non-secure gender-neutral beds at the Horace Street CSU. Clinical follow-up facilitators will assist children, families and their support systems by making any necessary referrals to help with future planning, and help with the discharge process.

How to Access the Crisis Program
Intake Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week by calling 204-949-4777. The Mobile Crisis Teams also operates 24/7 and have access to admit youth to the CSU’s.