Clinical Services

Marymound utilizes a Resiliency-Based TX Framework– an over arching perspective covering the four cornerstones of Trauma, Attachment, Strength-based and Connections to address specific issues encountered by its youth in care. Marymound’s comprehensive programming uses creative and effective ways to assess risk factors and problem areas, encourage dialogue, and promote healing and positive progress that benefits every young person coming into care.

Informed by this framework, Clinical Services provide individualized treatment planning that adapts to the unique needs of each child or youth who have experienced adversity that compromises their healthy coping and personal development.

Psychological safety and respect for young people provide the foundation for therapeutic service. Respect for diversity of life experience is demonstrated through dialogue and action in addition to a strengths-based approach and attachment strategies that support the psychological safety of young people.

Our trained staff includes clinicians and therapists trained in the areas of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, family systems counselling, play therapy and trauma resolution.