At Marymound success is measured by the ability of young people in care to overcome a challenging past, advance their education, and transition positively to adulthood as contributing members of the community.

It is a goal to have every young person leave Marymound with more confidence and self-worth and be optimistic about a life filled with hope and a bright future.

Marymound strives to critically evaluate the effectiveness of its programs and services by measuring individual therapeutic and/or educational goals in addition to the overall service levels of the organization.

In Managed Care, success is currently determined by clients successfully re-integrating into their home or other community settings.

At Marymound School, success is measured by formal academic testing and through a student’s ability to transition back to community school or a post-secondary education/training program.

In Treatment Foster Care, success is realized with a child’s ability to stay within a family setting and subsequently transition to their home community or independent or semi-independent living.

The Youth Addiction Stabilization Unit measures success by youth agreeing to enter into treatment after the period of stabilization. On another level, there are times success is attained simply by knowing that the child is alive and out of danger, or by knowing Marymound has helped break the cycle of abuse and addiction in a young person’s life.

There is no better result than when a former Marymound youth reports they are a happy adult leading a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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