Gift honours a life and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd

Marymound was recently the recipient of an extremely generous gift of $10,000 from Karin Bjornson in her mother’s name­ — Bernadette Lacroix. The gift illustrates the scope of Marymound’s work and the legacy of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Last winter Marymound received a phone call from Karin in Montreal searching for the place where her mother lived as an orphan, St. Agnes Priory. She received her confirmation, as this was the name of the main administrative building of Marymound from 1911 to the mid 1950’s.

Her mother was orphaned in the 1950’s at 13 years of age, separated from her siblings, and torn from her language and culture.

“My mom was the lucky one. She received a wonderful classical education from the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. These kind nuns provided her with the strong emotional support to help her carry the heavy burdens that were yet to come,” says Bjornson. Her siblings were not so lucky. Bernadette felt tremendous pain, guilt, and rage at this injustice that impacted the rest of her life. As terrible as this tragedy was, it also made Karin’s mother extremely sensitive to those who were vulnerable because she saw herself in them. Bernadette Lacroix would never hesitate to help, she was never afraid.

Bernadette passed away last year and her wish was to make a gift that would help continue to support children in care at the place she was raised. A donation of $10,000 from Karin was made in Bernadette Lacroix’s name to acknowledge her mother and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

“My mom always believed in giving and it is an honour to have been able to fulfill her wishes in this extraordinary way.”