Finding the Good

Marymound believes in the goodness within every young person who walks through its doors. While difficult for many of them to recognize it, Marymound finds the good and uses it as the motivation for compassionate staff to nurture and encourage all their young people in care.

Marymound is a place where youth and families learn to overcome the challenges of life’s adversities, and advance by gaining a sense of belonging and independence that enables them to realize their ultimate potential.

The children and youth of Marymound have an uphill climb, but together with the support of the community we can help them find the strength, one step at a time. Read about our many success stories.

Marymound to become leader in Trauma Informed Care

Marymound has been offered the very unique opportunity to be the first organization to pilot a trauma-informed organizational model called P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E* created by world-renowned trauma expert Dr. Sandra Bloom and her partner Sarah Yanosy.

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Caitlin’s Inspiring Story of Triumph Against All Odds

If Caitlin were to be described in one word, it would be resilient. Caitlin is one of the fortunate youth to overcome numerous challenges she endured early in life to become a compassionate, optimistic and independent spirit. Now almost 21, she is a young woman with a bright future awaiting her.

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