The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Generational Impact

Even though they have left Marymound, the impact of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd continues to be felt today.

Sister Lorraine recently shared an email she received from Maureen, a former youth at Marymound many years ago. The message was one of gratitude and appreciation for the care the Sisters’ provided.

“I owe everything to Sisters of the Good Shepherd! If it wasn’t for all of you my life would be completely different so I am extremely grateful to all of you! Sisters of the Good Shepherd were my example on how to raise a family and have a good happy home! God Bless you all as you are all Saints!!!”

The prelude to the appreciative correspondence was Maureen proudly informing the Sisters that her daughter Nadine received a recent promotion and will be moving to Ottawa as a third Supervising Senior Crown Counsel in the Domestic Violence Unit. Nadine’s experiences since 2004 include prosecuting sexual offences, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and exploitation while appearing in Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal.

The Sisters could only smile after reading the news and responded, “The Sisters congratulate Nadine on her promotion! Maureen you need to be congratulated as well on the wonderful support you have given your family throughout these many years! We thank you for being such a Mother Shepherdess to them & now your grandchildren as well! Thank you & God bless you! We are very proud of you & your family!!!”

The care provided at Marymound by the Sisters created a ripple effect. By helping a once lost youth and providing her love,  guidance, and support, she was able to proudly raise a successful daughter who in turn helps many more families and vulnerable youth.