supportThe recreation program delivers a broad range of activities and outings for youth in managed care. The purpose is to educate, promote and deliver positive leisure experiences to supplement the youths’ overall care while at Marymound.

The summer program includes activities such as baking, sports, scavenger hunts, bowling, museums, laser tag, golf, nails, the zoo, canoeing, swimming, water slides, beach days, Go-Karts, Hay rides and more. By offering a variety of activities,  youth have a choice and opportunity to pique their individual interests. The recreation program at times overlaps services with the cultural program, as well as offering IOP and TFC opportunities to participate in aspects of the summer programming.

Summer staff who are not youth care practitioners within the units are beneficial as they provide a social experience for the youth and create relationship-building opportunities. Our Indigenous Youth Mentors serving as a role model figures have been highly beneficial to many of the youth we serve.


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