Young Parents Program

Young parent programHaving a baby is a challenge for all new moms. If you are a teen mom who has lived in care for much of your life, you may not feel prepared for all the changes and responsibilities a new young life places on you. Here is where Marymound’s Young Parents Program (YPP) can help.

The Young Parents Program provides a helping hand, advice and guidance, and the support you need to look after your little one and yourself.

Marymound support workers offer direct support and guidance on parenting and independent living. Right within the home, they will assist you with the day-to-day tasks of parenting and ensure safety and care of both mom and child.

Help Line
Young people in the Young Parents Program can call our helpline 24 hours a day for advice, referral or just to talk. A staff member is always available to help.

Extended Marymound Programming

All young people in the program have access to Marymound’s extended programming which includes: cultural, psychiatric consultation, psycho-educational, and healthy living activities.

For more information about the Young Parents Program or these additional programs, email or phone 204-944-7404.

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