Marymound has two semi-secure living units on its premises in Winnipeg, each providing a home-like, nurturing environment for up to six girls each. A young person at risk can benefit from the structured program, with an emphasis on promoting healthy, age-appropriate activities and interaction.

secure livingThe setting of each unit is modern, well-equipped and provides a therapeutic milieu that includes counseling, support and psychiatric consultation. Staff provide extensive evening recreation programming, including community activities as treatment progresses – and all young people residing in Marymound secure units can attend Marymound School.

The young people who come to Marymound are often struggling to overcome multiple challenges including abuse, family breakdown, addiction, mental health issues and learning disabilities. Staff are experienced and skilled at working with young people with high needs requiring an exceptional level of care.

Marymound strives to offer the best chance for success to young people needing treatment-based care. With a wide range of placement options, youth can move on to other Marymound programs as their development progresses.


Marymound knows how important family can be in the lives of the young people in care. Family connections are maintained through regular contact including visits home for weekends and holidays whenever possible. Supportive family counseling is available when it is needed.

Spiritual and Cultural Care

All youth in Marymound’s care have access to the Indigenous Cultural Program.

Marymound’s two secured units:

Euphrasia Hall (girls aged 12-17)

  • Structured, nurturing environment for eight females, aged 12-17
  • Each girl has her own private bedroom
  • Focus on youth at high risk in the community, due to issues such as developmental setbacks, FASD etc.
  • Youth attend Marymound School
  • Therapeutic milieu with full access to Marymound treatment and support resources
  • Psychiatric consultation and support
  • Extensive recreation programming, including community activities as treatment progresses
  • Spiritual care and Indigenous Cultural Program
  • Commitment to transition planning upon discharge to family, group home or independent living

Access to Marymound Semi-Secure Units is by referral only. Contact us at 204-338-7971 for information.


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