Marymound is striving to improve access to high mural3 quality mental health services by creating a responsive and integrated delivery model to best serve the needs of children and youth in the community.

The Mental Health and Complex Needs Centre improves services and programs to children and youth by responding quickly and comprehensively to young people’s complex mental health issues, in addition to their complex social, emotional and physical needs. The Centre also entails a secured needs assessment unit and ultimately, an unsecured step-down unit opening early 2016 to prepare youth for integration back into the community for successful placement.

The Mental Health and Complex Needs Assessment and Stabilization Program

This six-bed, semi-secure group home is part of the wraparound services provided to female youth ages 12-17 by a multi-disciplinary team during a 3 to 6 month stay.

The program stabilizes the risk-taking behaviors of youth suffering from mental health and unresolved trauma in order to gather assessments and create long term treatment plans. The goal is to create a positive transition experience back into the community.

Staff involved in the primary care of the youth are adolescent treatment counsellors and psychiatric nurses. Other Marymound staff who are involved, but not limited to, are teachers, school psychologist, occupational therapist, and behaviour specialist.  Other mental health team members include psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers and other community services when necessary. Each team is unique, with the mix of staff and services reflecting the needs of each youth.

Staff offer care to youth who have experienced or are at risk of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse or neglect. Services include:

  • Stabilization, consultation, counselling, assessment, and treatment planning
  • Individual and family support
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Community crisis triage including emergency consultations, risk assessments and education
  • Educational support
  • Advocacy and collaboration with other community agencies to provide support
  • Youth specific services and resources consultation and education

Referral Criteria:

  • Female
  • Ages 12 to 17 years
  • In the care of a child and family services agency
  • Youth has mental health concerns and complex care needs:
  • Exhibits risk-taking behaviours, where intensity, frequently and duration are considered and,
  • Presents with mental health needs which impair their ability to make sound life decisions and,
  • Resistant to treatment and,
  • Requires further diagnostic evaluation and treatment recommendations within a semi-secure setting and,
  • Requires 24 hour care
  • Other local resources have been fully explored
  • Youth has a transition plan prior to admission
  • Guardians are willing to collaborate during the youth’s care and treatment
  • Ability to reside in a group-home setting

Referral Process: A referral is required through the Child Protection Branch – Provincial Placement Desk Specialist.

Please contact Marymound at 204-338-7971 for further information.