Independent livingIt’s not easy to go out on your own. There are so many things to think about and so many new responsibilities. Finding a place to live, preparing meals and shopping for food, getting a job and/or going to school, not to mention being a teenager and alone to do it all.

Marymound Independent Options Program is designed to help teens (age 16 -21) who are currently receiving services provided by Child and Family Services and need assistance to transition to independent living. Skilled and trained Marymound staff support each youth in a flexible and individually tailored program to meet the needs of the individual.

Independent Living
A young person living in their current placement receives assistance from a Support Worker in finding an apartment, budgeting, registering for school/finding employment and other necessary skills. The Support Worker maintains regular contact and support.

Full Independence is the Ultimate Goal
Using tools such as workshops, community events, career exploration and life skills training, we ensure there are many ‘hands-on’ opportunities to ensure that the young person is prepared for the final stage of independence.

Help Line
Young people in the Independent Options Program can call our helpline 24 hours a day for advice, referral or just to talk. A staff member is always available to help.

Extended Marymound Programming

All young people in the program have access to Marymound’s extended programming which includes: cultural, psychiatric consultation, psycho-educational, and healthy living activities.

Find out more about the Independent Options Program or these additional programs by emailing or phoning 204-944-7404.

Young Parents Program

Marymound also offers the Young Parents Program that provides a helping hand, advice and guidance, and support to young moms.