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Treatment Foster Care offers young people a family environment that gives them the necessary care and attention they have been missing in their lives.

Most young people entering foster care have unfortunately experienced a breakdown within their home environment or have greater needs than their birth family is able to provide. A foster family’s aim is to nurture and attend to the needs of the young person in care.

Marymound is a leader in the community in the area of Treatment Foster Care. Professional Treatment Foster Parents and knowledgeable Clinical Case Managers work together with other members of the young person’s treatment team to address his/her needs.

Why “Treatment” Foster Care?
Sometimes the needs of young people are underestimated or are not immediately clear. This can cause a young person’s needs to be poorly matched with the attributes of the average foster family, resulting in the placement breaking down. The young person may move to another foster home only to experience the same breakdown and yet another change of placements. Ultimately it may appear the young person cannot reside in a family setting and moves to a group home or other 24-hour, shift staffed care.

Marymound’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) Program
Young people referred to the Treatment Foster Care program by child and family service agencies have usually experienced the above scenario. They may display behavioural difficulties, emotional disturbance, developmental delays, and special medical or cultural needs. The agency may be considering a placement in a more controlled setting or the young person may already be in such a placement with efforts being made to integrate them back into the community.

Marymound’s Treatment Foster Care Program gives these young people the opportunity to live with a family in the community. Throughout the entire placement process, the treatment team works together to develop the most effective plan to address the child’s needs prior to being introduced to the foster family. The young person can then benefit from the care and nurturing that comes by being part of a family while still receiving clinically-driven treatment, specifically designed to meet the goals of the child’s treatment plan.

Program Structure
All foster parents in the program undergo a thorough home study process before young people are entrusted into their care. Once it has been determined that they have the experience and necessary skills, Marymound applies to Child and Family Services for a license allowing the parents to operate a foster home. After the license has been approved, Marymound assigns the family a Clinical Case Manager.

Limited Caseloads
Clinical Case Managers at Marymound carry a limited caseload, giving them the time to establish and maintain relationships with the family and the young people placed in their care. The Clinical Case Manager and the foster parents work together to develop and implement a treatment plan specific to each child.

The Clinical Case Manager is responsible for coordinating services and ensuring that appropriate planning occurs that includes pre-placement meetings, admission conferences, quarterly reviews and discharge conferences. Case Managers meet with the child and foster parents a minimum of every two weeks, or more if the need occurs.

Support Always Available
Marymound’s foster families can count on being able to reach one of the program’s on-call Clinical Case Managers at any time in case of a crisis. Families Have access to the full range of services Marymound provides, including; Marymound School, individual or group therapy, spiritual counselling, and aboriginal cultural services.

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