Marymound uses a trauma informed, resiliency-based treatment framework founded on contemporary research and historical values of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Resiliency is the “good news” for children and youth who have no control over any prenatal or genetic influences and are unable to change or alter life circumstances from their past. Through Marymound’s support, young people can learn to utilize their inherent strengths to help shape a better and more positive future.

Resiliency defined

Resiliency is the capacity to spring back or rebound from challenging situations. Learning to successfully adapt to severe stress by developing social, academic and vocational competence leads to a stronger sense of self and an improved ability to face adversity.

A person who demonstrates resiliency has gained positive emotionality and is keen to effectively balance negative emotions with positive. A resilient person learns from each difficult experience and develops coping skills for future stressful situations.

The importance of Resiliency

Research on ‘resiliency’ guides Marymound staff to better understand the factors that help children and youth overcome the difficulties of early-life traumatic experiences. By being resilient, young people in care can overcome the odds and grow into healthy and happy adults.

Marymound and Resiliency

Marymound staff:

  • Are good role models with behaviour that will influence how the children and youth will view and think about life.
  • Build strong relationships, because a close bond with a trusted adult makes children more likely to ask for help and support.
  • Are trauma-informed, to recognize the roots of a child’s behaviour are not always as they seem.

At Marymound:

  • Children and youth are supported through negative experiences without placing blame.
  • Children and youth are helped to make their own decisions.
  • Independence is encouraged, so youth learn to maximize their capabilities.
  • Focus is placed on children and youths’ strengths and abilities.


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