Marymound care provides foundation for youth’s life

Krystyne Hastings, 22, is a former Marymound youth in care placed in the Marygrove Group Home at age 9 due to a neglectful and abusive home. Prior to coming to Marymound, she was bounced around from various foster homes before settling at Marygrove, a group home for girls ages 9 to 13.

After aging out of the group home she was placed in a foster home with her sister, but then spent the next two years moving from foster home to foster home. At 14, Krystyne moved back home with her Mom and subsequently gave birth to her first child at 15. After becoming a mother, Krystyne soon realized that home was not the home she needed as she was left on her own by her mother. Krystyne and her baby were soon placed in care with a family friend until the age of 17 when she moved out on her own.

Krystyne currently lives in a house with her boyfriend and now has three children, aged 9 months, 3, and 7. In addition to enjoying motherhood, she has been busy with her art– something that has always been important to her because it provides a positive focus to counteract any negativity in her life. Krystyne recently emailed Marymound staff and proudly announced that she was chosen as one of Winnipeg’s RAW Artists. Her art will be showcased on April 21 at 441 Main Street and she would love the support, and be very happy to see everyone. She decided it also was important to finish the remaining six months of her grade 12 by attaining her GED while hoping to continue her education at Urban Circle, focusing on Social Work or Health Care Aid options.

Krystyne’s life has been unstable and chaotic, but through it all she remembers her four-year stay at Marygrove that set the foundation for who she is today. In August 2014 she said the following on Marygrove’s Facebook page:

“The things I have learned from Marymound I have carried on into my kids. I am going to try my best so they can have their own special memories and a great childhood. Growing up at Marymound’s Marygrove Group Home as a kid, I thought I was bad with too many rules about this and that, but in the end it was everything a kid could ask for and more.

What sucks about it is that we don’t realize it until we are older how good you have things and how the staff truly care about you. I just want to say thank you Marygrove staff who worked with me. You all had an effect on me in so many different ways. I wish there were a few staff I could find to let them know how good I’m doing. I have my own house with two kids. I have a homecare job. I’m on my own. It’s tough but worth it in the end.

My struggle to get where I am now made me realize how easy I had it at Marygrove. If there was anything I could say to other kids who take on living there is “take your time in growing up. Appreciate what you have there, some kids have nothing and would love to be at Marygrove. I miss Marygrove and I’m proud to say that this was once my home. Thank you Marygrove staff.” Love always, Krystyne Hastings.