Marymound has a 105-year legacy of responding to the unmet needs of Winnipeg’s children. Now, we are building on that legacy with a $5 Million Campaign to breathe life back into a heritage estate on our property. Our goal is to renovate and repurpose the former Leacock Estate, originally built in 1882 to a transition home. It is phase II of our Mental Health and Complex Needs Centre, supporting girls aged 12-17 whose past traumas put them at severe risk of victimization. View the Marymound Capital Campaign Case for Support document.

After clinical stabilization in the secure phase one units, these girls need a place of transition – one that is warm, welcoming, and able to make youth feel connected to their cultures and identity – before finding their way back to the community or their families in the final stage of their healing process. See Marymound Design Concept Perspectives

This program has the added value of benefitting from the full complement of “wrap-around” services already offered by Marymound, including an on-site school, addictions counseling, mental health care, independent living, foster care, work placements, and more. This makes it unique on the Winnipeg landscape.

With your help, we can build a space for girls in one of our city’s most unique heritage assets, set to open in the spring 2018.

Elders and youth from all walks of life, including the Indigenous community, have generously agreed to help us implement this new vision by acting as leaders in this Campaign. Join us as we invest in the future of Winnipeg – together.

“Working together we can honour the challenges these girls and their families face by creating solutions that will give them the tools they need to take the first step on their journey home.”

– Michael Richardson, Senior Program Manager, Marymound

Support the Campaign by purchasing and proudly wearing a necklace designed by Emily, a young woman in care at Marymound.  Hilary Druxman Design graciously guided Emily through the production of her jewelry piece that is available for purchase at Marymound or through Hilary Druxman Design. All proceeds support Marymound’s campaign to build a transition home for young women with mental health and complex needs. See the full story here

“We need the community’s support to make this program a reality. It’s the critical next step to the success of these teenage girls’ transition process. We don’t want this to feel like an institution but rather a warm and welcoming home.”

– Jay Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Marymound (2016)

 Our $5 Million Goal

  • Restoration and Renovation Costs:   $5,000,000
  • Annual Operating Costs:  $2,500,000 (pending approval by the Provincial Department of Child & Family Services)

Our Timeline

  • 2015 – 2016:  Capital Campaign begins
  • 2016 – 2018:  Restoration and Renovation work on the Leacock Estate
  • Summer/Fall 2018:  Phase II Step-Down Transitional Home opens

Moving Forward Together

Now is the time for all of us to come together to speak on behalf of the children who need us most. Marymound is in the unique position of owning a beautiful space full of potential, ready to be restored and filled with the renewed sounds of hope.

We invite you to join us in investing in Manitoba’s children today.