“ Critical incident stress can affect our physical health, thinking, feelings, and actions”

Marymound’s management and board are committed to providing trauma informed service; this includes a confidential peer support team to assist all employees who may have experienced a critical or stressful incident, or the impact of cumulative stress.

What is a Confidential Critical Incident Support Team?

Your Confidential Critical Incident Support Team consists of a cross section of Marymound employees throughout the agency, offering support and information to all employees experiencing the effects of a critical incident.

  • The team can be contacted by you, a supervisor or colleagues with your consent
  • Your participation is completely voluntary
  • Your confidentiality will be maintained
  • The intent is not to evaluate anyone’s actions from an event, but rather to provide support

A Critical Incident is defined by the employee involved

Critical incidents can occur across all programs. Stressful situations happen almost daily. Stress can be a result of a single event or as a result of the cumulative effect of several events. (ie. being regularly sworn at or threatened).

When the situation or series of situations causes you to have a significant or unusual stress reaction, you may be experiencing a critical incident.

Examples of critical incidents can include (but are not limited to):

  • Threats and intimidation
  • Suicidality and self-injury
  • Physical assault
  • Cumulative stress
  • Our reactions to our clients’ experiences

What to Expect 

After a referral is received, The Confidential Critical Incident Support Team will offer to assist and support.

A member, or members of the team, can assist by meeting with an individual who has been impacted by a critical incident, or with a group or team of people who have been impacted. This assistance will be offered through defusing and support. Information regarding other supports will also be provided.

The Confidential Critical Incident Support Team is not meant to replace services offered by the workplace Employee Assistance Program and encourages affected staff to use all services available to them.

Referral Process 

Voice mail referrals are checked daily, Monday to Friday. A team member will respond within 24 to 48 hours to arrange a follow-up.

For information or to make a referral, email CCIST@marymound.com

Supporting one another during times of stress.

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