“Having seen what you and your staff do, and the facilities and service you provide, it has solidified the reputation of Marymound. We are excited about what goes on at your school and the great treatment and education you provide some of our students.”

~ Dennis Mogg, Vice Principal – St. John’s High School, Winnipeg

A message from a former student:

Just a little note to let you know that the teachers, classrooms, Sisters, and generally the whole time I was at Marymound School was instrumental in how I became who I am today. I think I was the first male student that attended your school. I was not a very good child but after all the work from my social worker and the school and the teachers, I am proud of who I am now.

Even after I was done, I was invited to a few events that were going on at Marymound for about two years after. The smaller classrooms, teachers and all the help was great. The teachers and staff were always there no matter what. Everything from schooling to personal problems were always easily talked about with no repercussions.

~ Pat Dalton

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