Overcome. Advance. Belong.

Finding the Good.

We truly believe there is goodness within every young person who walks through the doors of Marymound. While it may be difficult for some of them to see the good, Marymound uses it as the motivator that guides caring and compassionate staff to nurture and encourage all their children and youth.

Marymound is a place where youth and families learn to overcome the challenges of life’s adversities and advance by gaining a sense of belonging and independence while realizing their ultimate potential.

The children and youth of Marymound have an uphill climb, but together with the support of the community they can reach their potential, one step at a time.


Ryan’s life changing experience

Ryan has completed gender reassignment and has been living as a man for 11 years in Vancouver.  Ryan will be respected by addressing him only by his present name and by the use of male pronouns. This is his story.

Ryan entered Marymond in 1996 about to turn 17. He had previously bounced around from different group homes, hospitals and the former Seven Oaks Centre for Youth.


silhouette of a girl

Former Marymound youth calls to say thank you.

June 16, 2015 -Marymound received a voicemail recently from a young woman who was in our care in 2009.  Deanna stayed in the former Alternatives unit and wanted to express her gratitude and appreciation for what Marymound has meant to her life.


As a chronic runaway living in shelters and on the street while suffering from depression and alcohol abuse, Deanna is so grateful for the care provided by Marymound.


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