Finding the Good.

Marymound believes in the goodness within every young person who walks through its doors. While difficult for many of them to recognize it, Marymound finds the good and uses it as the motivation for compassionate staff to nurture and encourage all their young people in care.

Marymound is a place where youth and families learn to overcome the challenges of life’s adversities, and advance by gaining a sense of belonging and independence that enables them to realize their ultimate potential.

The children and youth of Marymound have an uphill climb, but together with the support of the community we can help them find the strength, one step at a time. Read about our many success stories.

Learning about their roots

Gardening and learning about Indigenous culture helps youth heal from trauma

-Maggie McIntosh, Winnipeg Free Press- June 26, 2018

The leafy, green tobacco plants in the community garden don’t look like pill bottles on pharmacy shelves, but they are no less of a medicine; they can help youth heal from traumatic experiences, Indigenous mentors at a Winnipeg social services agency say. More>

Land-Based Program Grows with Youth

Marymound is blessed to have a vibrant Indigenous cultural program thanks to the creation and development by Marymound’s Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Stephanie Zamora. It is the cultural program that brings the gifts of reclaiming culture to youth, families and staff through the land-based programming.   More>

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