Overcome. Advance. Belong.

Finding the Good.

We truly believe there is goodness within every young person who walks through the doors of Marymound. While it may be difficult for some of them to see the good, Marymound uses it as the motivator that guides caring and compassionate staff to nurture and encourage all their children and youth.

Marymound is a place where youth and families learn to overcome the challenges of life’s adversities and advance by gaining a sense of belonging and independence while realizing their ultimate potential.

The children and youth of Marymound have an uphill climb, but together with your support they can reach their peak, one step at a time.


Marymound students repair bikes to help others in need

Helping International Hope Canada in fight against Ebola virus

March 20, 2015- Bikes for Humanity-Winnipeg Chapter operated out of Marymound, is sending off 20 recycled bikes through International Hope Canada (IHC) to Sierra Leone on April 11 to accompany medical supplies that aid doctors caring for patients affected by the Ebola virus. The bicycles are essential transportation for the doctors to reach their patients in numerous villages.


vicki graphic

Overcome. Advance. Belong.

February 9, 2015 - Vicki is a young adult who wanted to tell the story of her experiences with Marymound. This is Vicki’s story.

At the age of two, Vicki was placed in the care of Pam who became her mom in every sense of the word.  More>

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